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Southside Boys & Girls Club Members programs are designed to encourage Club members to realize a wide variety of positive outcomes, a strategy for developing the "whole child".

Below are the activity descriptions for the 2023 - 24 Line Up.

Click on an activity group below to see the activities offered.

For more information or to sign up for one of our programs, please call our office at 757.545.5963.

These programs are designed to ensure that all Club members graduate from high school on time, ready for a post-secondary education and a 21st-century career.

These Club programs help develop physical fitness, reduce stress and promote a positive use of leisure time, appreciation for the environment and interpersonal skills.

These programs develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors to nurture their well-being, set personal goals and grow into self-sufficient adults.

These programs help youth become responsible, caring citizens. Program participants also develop leadership skills and gain opportunities for planning, decision-making, contributing to Club and community and celebrating our national heritage.

These programs are designed to ensure that all Club members graduate from high school on time, ready for a post-secondary education and a 21st-century career.

We believe that supporting children, allows them to embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

​Education & Career Activities:

  • Homework Lab: Provides small group tutoring for those members that have been recommended by parents or identified through their report card as needing additional assistance in Math & Reading. Ages: 5-18 / Monday-Thursday / 4:30pm-6pm

  • Boys TGR Mentoring: Provide our young members with the skills they need to manage their emotions and build resiliency so they can engage in every opportunity that comes their way.

  • Boys: Go 2 High School/Go 2 College Mentoring: This program concentrates on the importance of completing secondary and collegiate education as a road to advancement. Statistics prove the value of this extra impetus in making the difference in the success of young African-American men. Grades 6th - 12th  / 1st and 3rd Saturdays / 10am - 11am

  • Tutoring: A way to help our members learn and understand new concepts and complete assignments. Ages: 5-18 / Tuesday - Thursday/ Time: 4pm-6pm

  • UPS Road Code: The UPS Road Code Program uses the same driving techniques that are taught to UPS drivers. The UPS Road Code program is a way to teach teens how to drive safely in a combination of classroom-based instruction and practice "behind the wheel" of a virtual driving experience. Ages: 13-Up / Every 3rd Saturday / 11am-12pm

  • Hair Club: A creative and fun way to build members confidence and give them a skill that they can use as a way of making good money. Grades 4th - 8th / Thursday / Time: 5pm-6pm

​Character & Leadership Activities:

  • Keystone Club 104: is the Boys & Girls Club Movement’s most dynamic teen program. It affords teens an opportunity to gain valuable leadership and service experience. Age: 14-18 / Mondays / 6pm-7pm

  • Torch Club103: are chartered small-group leadership and service clubs. The program is a powerful vehicle through which Club or Youth Center staff can help meet the special needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their development. Ages: 10 -13 / Tuesdays / 6pm-7pm

​Health & Life Skills Activities:

  • Smart Girls 603: is a small-group health, fitness, prevention/education, and self-esteem enhancement program designed to meet the developmental needs of girls in three age groups. Through dynamic sessions, highly participatory activities, field trips and mentoring opportunities with adult women, Club girls explore their own and societal attitudes and values as they build skills for eating right, staying physically fit, getting good health care and developing positive relationships with peers and adults. 1st - 5th Grade / Tuesdays / 6pm-7pm

  • Passport to Manhood 824: promotes and teaches responsibility in Club boys ages 8-17. Passport to Manhood consists of 14 sessions, each of which concentrates on a specific aspect of manhood through highly interactive activities

  • Bully Stops Here(BSH) 719: offers expanded lessons in bullying prevention, as well as an emphasis on resiliency training to give Club members, ages 10-14, the skills they need to grow up confident, caring and responsible. Creating a positive Club climate is an important practice for members to feel emotionally safe.

  • Triple Play Healthy Habits 456: curricula are designed to teach young people about the benefits of developing healthy habits such as eating smart and being physically active; equip young people with skills to adopt healthier habits by participating in fun and engaging learning activities both at the Club and at home, and encourage young people to take small steps toward positive behavior changes. Ages: 5-18 / Tuesdays / 6pm-7pm

​Sports/Fitness/Recreation Activities:

  • Triple Play: A game plan for mind, body, and soul. In addition to nutrition education, activities focus on helping youth assess, practice, identify, consider, and messages. Ages: 5 to 18 / Tuesdays / Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

  • Tee Ball:  Tee Ball allows youth ages 5-7 to increase their overall fitness while learning the fundamental skills of baseball and softball through fun and enriching activities. A fun way to teach the younger members  a simplified way to learn the skills and rules of softball and baseball. Mondays and Wednesdays / Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm

  • Dance Team: A fun and healthy way to keep our members healthy and engaged. Tuesday & Wednesday/ Time: 5pm - 6pm

  • Southside Golf Club: Golf lessons are provided by a local golf pro at Lambert Point Golf Course in Norfolk and Bide-A-Wee course in Portsmouth VA.  2nd & 4th Saturday’s each month

The Arts Activities:

  • Photography Club 101: is designed to help members go beyond snapshots and develop skills to take photographs that can really impact the viewer. The current popularity and accessibility of photography make it a powerful means to engage the youth in creative programming, while simultaneously teaching them skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Youth Ages: 12-18 / Friday / 5pm-6pm

Eduation & Career
Character & Leadership
Health & Life Skills
The Arts
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